Cultivating &
Enabling A

Joining hands with tenants, experts and the public to achieve a sustainable city precinct vision

A place can only be sustainable when all stakeholders work together. Recognising the importance of collaboration in achieving its sustainability vision, Lendlease rallied the efforts of an eco-conscious community that includes tenants, partners, and the public.

This is how Lendlease cultivated an eco-conscious community.


Establishing Needs

Recognising community involvement as an essential part of sustaining a green development, Lendlease worked with these key objectives in mind:


All In It Together

Lendlease built a plan that would enable all in the PLQ community and beyond to play a part in PLQ’s sustainability vision. This plan involved PLQ tenants and its occupants, members of the public, as well as experts in sustainable practices management.

Lendlease considered the various possibilities:


How It Was Done

Once the most feasible ideas were finalised to get the community on board, Lendlease devised specific strategies for each group.

A Collective Force

Today, PLQ’s mall and three office towers have been awarded a Platinum Rating under the BCA’s Green Mark scheme — the first and highest sustainability standard for non-residential buildings in Singapore. Many positive results have spun from PLQ’s power and waste management strategies