A Simple Solution for a Lofty Challenge

Thermal comfort is essential for the enjoyment of every space – something Lendlease kept in mind when developing PLQ. Two of such examples are to enhance the natural airflow at Park Place Residences at PLQ, the residential property at Paya Lebar Quarter precinct and providing better thermal comfort at the Plaza, an outdoor community space just outside the mall.

This vision came with its fair share of challenges. Faced with seemingly limited options due to various constraints, Lendlease explored alternative ways to create a cool space for all to enjoy while upholding the tenet of being eco-responsible. Along the way, Lendlease realised that sometimes, the greatest challenges can be solved with the simplest solutions. Find out the simple answer to achieving naturally cool spaces in PLQ with little energy use.

Thermal Comfort at Park Place Residences in PLQ

Thermal Comfort in the Plaza